January 24, 2010

Isabella - The Beginning

When people think of bakeries in Chicago, there are a few that initially come to mind...Bittersweet, Bleeding Heart, or Dinkel's to name a few.  These bakeries have a good name in the city, as well as a history here.  Their products are okay, but some have the taste of a day old pastry.  As well as, the service can be shoddy.  However, there is a little known bakery in North Chicago that is fabulous.  Isabella Bakery is one block west of Ashland and Foster.  The products are made fresh daily and never have the taste of a day old pastry.  Why you are wondering, well that is because they sell out daily.  By early afternoon most of all the best pastries are gone.  The bakery is run by the proprietors and they take pride in their work, as well as customer service.  The ladies that run the place are always very helpful.  The price is unbeatable, two sweetbreads and a cup of coffee for two dollars and some change.  It is virtually unheard of to buy a plain croissant for a couple of dollars.  Isabella is exactly what we aspire to be, great service and prices for quality products.   


  1. I love that you're doing a blog! I'll follow it as best I can...